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You are your own unique individual and our catering service will reflect that. fuAsian will work with you to create a menu that’s sure to delight your guests and still remain within budget.

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With over 55 years experience in the culinary arts between Chef Thu Ha and Chef Dave, you are in good hands. Our eclectic team will work with you to create a menu that’s sure to delight your guests and still remain within budget.

For groups of less than 20, fuAsian can host your special private event at our relaxing open kitchen restaurant setting. Your guests will feel right at home!


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I had Thu Ha prepare a private dinner party for me and 13 friends and it was absolutely fabulous.
We had spring rolls, salad rolls, sushi, as well as other appetizers.
My guests loved it and everything went off without a hitch.

Michelle G.Beaverton, Oregon

Our small office (6 people) decided to do a cooking class for our latest outing. The experience we had at fuAsian was fun, educational, and of course delicious. The owner and chef, Thu Ha Dinh, prepared a delightful menu including dishes that she prepared, as well as dishes we prepared ourselves.

She started by showing us a very simple and effective way of making goi cuon (salad rolls) while we munched on some thit heo quay (roasted pork belly). Next we all gathered around the hot pot and learned some simple tricks that make miso soup very tasty. While we sipped away at our miso soup, she was nice enough to share some very special smoked salmon with us, which we all agreed was among the best we've had in the pacific northwest. Finally we prepared both nigiri and maki sushi, all of which was delicious, and again we all agreed that we have a newfound respect for itamae.

Overall the experience was very educational, the food was exceptional, and the price was more than fair. I would highly recommend fuAsian to anyone looking for a cooking class, especially with a group of friends that don't mind diving in and learning new things.

Stephano G.Portland, Oregon

Thu Ha was a lovely host and instructor in our cooking class. She explained with great detail what she was doing and why she was doing it, really making it stick in your head. As well, she sent the recipes ahead of time so we knew what we were making. The food was out of this world! I've now take two of her classes and look forward to taking another one. The class takes place in her cozy storefront restaurant and is very casual. It's not super spacious and not set up like a text book cooking class, but everything you need is right there. Everyone gets involved as much or as little as the would like. Thu Ha is very accommodating. She even accepted my Groupon past its expiration date. This is no classroom, it's more real life. It's a fun intimate setting. At the end of the class you can purchase many of the Asian food supplies that aren't so readily available in any store. But she also uses everyday items and explains their availability, quality, and uses very well. Not for the high maintenance snobby types. More for the funloving interesting types!

Victoria G.Portland, Oregon

"Amazing Valentines Day Dinner"
We've only eaten here -- quite a few times. This Valentines Day dinner topped them all. 7 Spectacular courses (not all strictly traditional East Asian, as one course included quinoa) both to look at and to eat. Thu Ha is always a gem, and so is her food. Don't expect a conventional restaurant, which this is not, but something much more intimate and wonderful.

DeHypnotistPortland, Oregon

“Wonderful cooking class in healthy Asian food.”
The teacher-chef is a very inspired Vietnamese lady, dedicated to healthy food made with high quality fresh healthy ingredients. She explains every step and shares her knowledge about the use of each herb with the students who ask. The cooking equipment we used was high quality stainless steel and cast iron, and everyone was encouraged to engage in the process. A low stress level was created with excellent preparation and the food tasted wonderful! I highly recommend this class and its teacher.

Inger EPortland, Oregon